Table 2.3.1 Supply chain

Table 2.3.1 Supply chain

According to the data from 2006, Supply chain of CCD has to manage more than 600 hundreds of perishable and CKD with limited shelf life(Businessgyan, 2006). Supply chain management in coffee business in very difficult to manage because of the complexity of product requires in different season. During the summer season people choose to cold drink like cold coffee, cold tea, cold beverages and other cold drinks. Whereas in opposite direction in wet and cold season people choose the drinks like hot tea, hot coffee, hot beverages and other hot drinks(Businessgyan, 2006). So in such situation managing supply chain to optimize the as per the requirement of customer is difficult task but it gives great brand image to company which helps to increase the market share of the company(Businessgyan, 2006).

The supply of the product also should be in proper so that the oversupply or undersupply of the product will not hamper the business as it can be find out that oversupply of the raw material make unnecessary losses for company whereas under supply makes business losses so any way the supply should be in proper and that is the reason why supply chain is important for coffee business(Businessgyan, 2006). One more important task of supply chain is to collect the unused products and destroying it is also necessary otherwise it will affect the other usable products because it has to destroy after the expiry otherwise the business can make the goodwill loss if by mistake also employee uses the product and customer gets affected with it(Businessgyan, 2006).

Overall, supply chain for the business like coffee is requires taking care in very proper manners so that company does not get affected with it. It is also necessary to provide requires supply and to take care that the wastage should be minimal and negligible. CCD has its well-defined supply chain model and yet it does effect the business and influence the market performance of the company if it has not managed properly.

2.4 Service Quality

The service quality of the company is one of key concern for the company especially because it is a food and beverages industry and people will not going to compromise on quality of food and beverages. CCD has operation which owned by company this is the main reason why company can control the quality as well as timely delivery of the products(Mishra, 2013). Company has formed a team which finalized the menu quality so that customer can get appropriate idea about the products and service offered to the customers(Mishra, 2013). The service quality is linked with quality of staff and India is the country where quality staffs are difficult to retain since the market offers them bit high amount of salary then they just change the jobs(Mishra, 2013). Company is putting lot of time behind the quality management and the part of quality management, company is spending money to train staff and motivate them to improve the service quality at each and every store(Mishra, 2013).

The critical factor of the business success is the service quality of the company ate the outlets like Coffee Day Express kiosks and Café Network Outlets across the country(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015). The quality of service depends upon the training program of the company which provided to all staff for the purpose of providing best and world class quality service(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015). Company says its future growth is in hand of the employee of the company as company has to attract, retain and motivate high number of well qualified staff with the best salary provided to them(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015). It has mention in the report that customer service staff, kitchen staff, and local store managers are the key part of our initiative to provide the quality service to the customers as the store managers are very critical in nature as they are the management who prepares and plans the local strategies to get customers from the local locations(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015).

Company is committed to provide the international standard quality service to the customer because nowadays the target customer the youth of India wants them self to see in the locations or stores where they can see them self as it looks in movie(Mishra, 2013). The product quality is essential part of service quality. The product like tea is often gives the best test and company is doing improvement in such product which are not core but some way or the other it is necessary to keep in stores(Mishra, 2013). As it has mentioned before that company is biggest exporter of coffee due to which company can have best coffee for their stores which can provide the best quality product which is served to India populations(Mishra, 2013). CCD has value proposition to provide the variety of foods and world class quality coffee in entire store for the customer segments like families, upper class and upper middle class which is normally offered at Café Coffee Day Lounge which are biggest stores in size(Mishra, 2013).

Coffee quality is the key process of the company as companies core business is coffee. Under the characteristic of behavior quick service and quality service is comparative segment of company(Dhillon, 2014). The quality service or products are the key for growth in current world as this can be separate the companies from each other which show the difference in product quality(Gayathry, 2013). Company has built its brand which can represent the best quality product focusing on quality customer service(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015).  CCD brand is associated with high quality and the advantage of the brand images is getting by other non-coffee brand of group(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015).

Company says as far as the expansion going on and the customer perception towards the quality of products and service offered at CCD may get changed due to some departmental changes but company is committed to maintain the standard quality of service and product across the all outlets and consistency will be helping them to improve market share in India market(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015).Company is relaying on the staffs skills and their experience in industry to maintain consistence quality for the all services provide ate the CCD outlets(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015).

In short the company is aware that being in a sensitive business of food and Beverages Company has to have best quality products and service provided to customer across all the outlets. It is also necessary to train the staff for the best quality service and it has taken care at local level as the area of local outlets are the face of company and they can affect business if something goes wrong. So according to above views from different sources the quality service in coffee business helps to increase the market share.