Table 2.2.1 Strategy

Table 2.2.1 Strategy

(Srinivasan, et al., 2014)

Overall the total improvement can be done in marketing for the market share growth of the company.

2.3 Supply Chain

Café Coffee Day has implemented the value chain model of “from bean to cup” which has helped to reduce the costs, operation economic gain and supply demand adequate(Gayathry, 2013). Vertical integration of value chain model “From bean to the cup” of the supply chain has helped company a lot(The Desai Group, 2011). The effective control on the different segment of business with consistence and quality services to all the clients are got possible because of the company’s presence in value chain(Coffee Day Enterprice Limited, 2015). Company always tries to keep the track of the value chain model which including tracking from start like procurement of beans and at the end sale the outcome product to number of customer. Indian retail market has the history that many of the companies have faced issues with supply chain and because poor efficiency of supply chain, logistics and infrastructure company has to compromise many time(Mishra, 2013). So supply chain is one of the key factors for market growth of brand. The biggest challenge for Indian economy is to maintain operation and supply chain economic scale(Mishra, 2013). Company has evidence that it is optimizing supply chain and procurement process completely as company them self owns the full process of roasting, curing and planting processes(Mishra, 2013). Since company is one of the biggest coffee exporter in India, it as availability of best quality coffee and they also have their own cold chains with the logistic which helps them to deliver effectively and in efficient manners of the raw products procure from farming land(Mishra, 2013). Based on the effective supply chain and other facility it can be find out that for the company, it is safe to come up with retail vertical which is cost structure optimality acceptance(Mishra, 2013). The supply chain of company is mentioned as one of the key processes of the company considering the value of the process(Mishra, 2013). It has also mentioned that company by using vertical integration can bring supply chain economic of scale with the help of cost minimization(Mishra, 2013).

India market is very competitive and it shows that the competition is increasing day by day. Company has found out the strategy to cope with such competitive domestic market. Company will motivate as well as retain its best ever quality products like brew masters and baristas. Doing the same company has requires to have heavy investments for development of buildings to support company’s supply chain capacity which will help company to advertise its market brand in many cities and the concentration is to build strong presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities so the plan does not get effected by the intense competition(Srinivasan, et al., 2014). Below chart shows the companies different types of business at different stage of value chain of company(Srinivasan, et al., 2014).