Marketing of the CCD

2.2 Marketing

Marketing of the CCD is very strong factor for Café coffee day as the major customers of the company are the generation X and most of them are very attracted towards the marketing strategies of company(Dhillon, 2014). Marketing mix of CCD is strong and futuristic as the major customer of company fall under the age group of 15 to 29 and the major income from this group for the company is huge(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Below marketing mix explains the marketing factor in better way to get through the idea about the marketing process of business.

Product: Company has verity of products which includes masala sandwich, samosa, tikka sandwich and biryani(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Company’s best-selling product during summer time is frappe, which are blended ice cream with coffee and this product is very favored in youngsters(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Just like the summer time, in winter it is cappuccino(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). T shirt, caps etc. are the funky stuffs which are provided by merchandisers(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Under the marketing strategy company provides product in service size with quality and money value price(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).

Price: CCD has kept its price moreover same from many years other than the tax changes by government(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Company has known that the major customers based for company are youngsters and it knows that they are majorly student and early stage of their career sothey keep its price between INR 45 to INR 80 for one cup of coffee so that the entire customer can afford the same(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).

Place: The place strategy plays key role for business as the primary success factor for retail chain business is place strategy(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). Company has planned there all outlets in strategic locations where business can generate the revenue like the schools and colleges, more happening areas, near corporate offices(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). The main outlets are located at family entertainment centers, near gas station and colleges(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).

Promotion: Company gives many type of promotion like one of the program company has done which use to come on Zee English which was a contest called friends and the lead characters use to come to the café coffee day regularly and the program become very  popular and it made a huge promotion for company(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).Company has made tie up with contest of channels V called get gorgeous. Tie up with youths has made many types of promotion from which are Airtel friends, levies, Liril and some with scooty(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). CCD has associated with movie like Mai Hoon Na and Khakhee(Bansal & Joshi, 2011). One of the programs called Café Citizen Card for rewarding customer is helping to gain customer as well as retain the customers(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).

People: People has included in marketing mix as the employee of CCD is become likefriend to all the customer and they all are committed to provide the international standard service and cleanliness with personal grooming, hygienic food and motivation with personal skills development for employee(Bansal & Joshi, 2011).

Marketing strategies of the company has made company a brand and it has made café coffee day successful. Marketing mix of the company has made it best ever for the future generation as majority of customers are the generation X of the total population. The competition in the market has made the industry booming and it has allowed CCD to adopt new retailing strategy which is based on “Dwell Time”(Srinivasan, et al., 2014). Below table 2.2.1 explains the proposed international strategy of the company to market the business and based on the same create the brand image in market which will help to increase the market share in India(Srinivasan, et al., 2014). The table explains the product strategy market and product comparison where company is going for global market with full line product strategy as company has already made the strong position with highest market share in Indian Market(Srinivasan, et al., 2014). Marketing process is one of the factor which helps to improve the market as well as if it goes wrong it can decline in revenue so the marketing play key role in increasing market share. Marketing of the café coffee day is very innovative as it can find out from the promotional activities mentioned in the marketing mix. Marketing activates includes all the parameters like Price, product, place, promotion and people are explained above as the above mentioned marketing mix is the current situation of company.