HTC RE camera


HTC RE camera weighs 65g and this makes the camera pretty light as well. The polycarbonate body of the RE might cause it to feel slippery at times. The 16 megapixel HTC RE has ½.3 inch CMOS sensor by Sony and the sensor inside RE is larger than most of the smartphone cameras.

The camera allows you to shoot 1080p videos of 30fps and 4x slow motion videos at 720p. However, the aperture size is f/2.8 which is much smaller in comparison. The lens can go as wide as 146 degree in Ultra-Wide mode. By default it captures 100 degree wide angle pictures.

There is no optical image stabilization, but it features electronic image stabilization.  LED indicator is placed below the button. At the top there is a microphone for capturing sounds in video. IT ALSO HAS Micro USB port for charging and microSD card slot.